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About Homosassa

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Homosassa Florida is often separated into Homosassa Springs and “Old Homosassa”. Located at the southern end of Citrus County, Homosassa is only minutes for the Suncoast Parkway with a direct route to Tampa only about and hour drive.

Homosassa Welcome Sign
Dock on the Homosassa River

Homosassa has a rich and colorful history. Native American's inhabited the area thousands of years ago.

More recently the Yulee family ran a sugar cane and molasses plantation that supplied the confederate troops during the Civil War.

Ruins of the machinery and stone fireplace are still standing as you enter old Homosassa.

The Homosassa River, which flows from the mouth of the Homosassa Springs, serves as a navigation way and recreation area for many residents and visitors. People come from all over the globe to Homosassa to “swim with the manatees”.

Several area dive, snorkel and boat rental shops dot the area offering a once in a lifetime chance to mingle with a manatee. These docile mammals inhabit the relatively warm waters that pump out of the area springs.

Homosassa is all about the water, from the river to the canals to the Gulf of Mexico, there is plenty of waterfront property and waterfront homes for sale. Wayne can tour you through the various waterfront communities.

Homosassa Wildlife Park
Monkey Island - Guld of Mexico fishing

There are also many golf courses in the area including Sugarmill Woods Golf and Country Club, World Woods Golf Course and many more just minutes away.

Other recreation includes canoeing, kayaking, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, and of course fishing. Freshwater and saltwater fishing are favorite past times here. Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Sea Bass, Sea Trout, Cobia, Mackerel, Jacks, and Sheephead are abundant.

Homes on the Homosassa River two story on the water - Homosassa River

There is always a fresh catch of shrimp and fish coming in at the docks. And when in season, local scallops and stone crab claws and oysters from Apalachicola.

There are many waterfront dining establishments to choose from with the freshest seafood around. And be sure you don't miss the annual Homosassa Seafood Festival as well as many other events like the Christmas Boat Parade.

If you would like to explore and learn for about this unique community, contact Wayne for all the waterfront homes for sale in Homosassa.