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Sugarmill Woods is located in Homosassa, Florida at the southern tip of Citrus County on the gulf coast of west Central Florida. Sugarmill Woods is a unique planned development in that it was the first in the nation to utilize wildlife strips or the “green belt” concept.

In 1972, the first shovels hit the ground, however instead of clearing everything, the planners incorporated the natural lie of the land.

Oak Village - Sugarmill Woods
Choosing to keep as much of the rolling hills, natural flora and fauna as well as the native wildlife. The concept was for residents to live in harmony with the natural surroundings.
Sugarmill Woods Home
Well over one million trees were also planted to ensure that the over one hundred plant and animal species in the area had plenty of habitat to sustain the natural balance.

The native wildlife at Sugarmill Woods includes the Eastern Mockingbird, Great Horned Owl, Eastern Fox Squirrel, Eastern Cardinal, and the Red-Bellied Woodpecker.

Sugarmill Woods is actually made up of three different sections, Cypress Village, Oak Village, and Southern Woods.

There are also three different golf courses all designed by Ron Garl; the Cypress golf course opened in 1975, the Pine golf course opened in 1979, and the Oak golf course opened in 1984.

the Pine golf course - Sugarmill Woods
Sugarmill Woods House
The Cypress is 3,416 yards and has a USGA rating of 73.3 and a slope from the back tees of 127. The Pine is 3,519 yards and has a USGA rating of 73.4 and a slope from the back tees of 126. The Oaks is 3,459 yards and has a USGA rating of 73.1 and a slope from the back tees of 125. Sugarmill Woods Country Club also has a putting and chipping green as well as a driving range with practice bunker near the clubhouse. The country club facilities are of modern design featuring year round golf, tennis and swimming.

If golf is not your game, Sugarmill Woods is also located within a few miles of some of the best saltwater sport fishing that Florida has to offer. In fact, the world record tarpon was caught just off the coast of Citrus County right near Homosassa, Florida.

Sugarmill Woods - The Oaks
The Homosassa River and Homosassa Springs also offer much in the way of relaxation and entertainment. From a relaxing, evening sunset cruise to a manatee snorkel tour where you can actually swim with a manatee, the Homosassa River is a hub of activity.

There are several waterfront restaurants and watering holes with plenty of colorful characters.

The Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park is popular with residents as well as tourists.

This zoolike environment features all native Florida creatures including the Florida black bear, Florida panther, otters, deer, manatees, turkeys, alligators, reptiles, bald eagles, flamingos, and much more. The only non-native resident is Lucifer, a two ton hippopotamus.

There are many local festivals for Sugarmill Woods residents including the Annual Homosassa Seafood Arts and Crafts Festival and the Shrimpapalooza Festival. Nearby Crystal River also offer the Stone Crab Jam and Scallop Jam.

Please contact Wayne Cormier today to learn more about this exciting community and the homes for sale in Sugarmill Woods.

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